Tumbler Pet Feeding Toy




The food dispenser is ultra durable, non-toxic and non-odor material. It is 100% safe for all pets.
Interesting pet feeding toys, stimulate dog's interest and appetite, slow eating.
The size of the treats leaking hole is adjustable as we have designed a flexible switch in the toy, it can be remove to control the size of the hole to fit the treats. 
It is easy to clean with removable parts. Just wash and dry it.
This toy is suitable for cats, dogs.
Material: ABS + PC
Color: red/green
Size: 100*100*117mm
Package included:
1 x Dog Toys



  • internal "Labyrinth design” which greatly increases the “hunting” difficulty and time of pets compared to ordinary toys. Adjustable flaps to control the speed and difficulty of food discharge.
  • Open the lid above and you can add food. It's very convenient! There are three vents on the top, pets can easily smell the food, enhance interest.
  •  Toy can be disassembled and disassembled and cleaned.

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