Dog Water Bottle

Light Green
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Portable, convenient, light, no spills, no hassles, no leaks. Your pet can drink water at any time and any place. Keep and hang easily. Can carry it when go travelling.
One hand feeding water, press button and sending up water, another hand to take good care of the dog to prevent accidental accidents, taking into account the owner's using convenience and safety of dogs.
Arc flume design was made to fit a dog's natural drinking style. Let your pet drink more water without leaking it.
Key Lock Leak Proof Design. Press the right button to lock, no worrying leaking water by mistake, seamless silicone seal, leak proof, be at ease to put in your bag.
Why is it worth the price? With the design of caring for pet life, use of high quality activated carbon filter core, cup cover using antibacterial materials, open type water channel design, also no hygiene corner. Love your pet, and give it the best.

Specification : 
Material: PP
Color: Green
Filter Element: Activated Carbon Filter Element
Capacity: 400ml

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